What is it we really do?
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ICT Consultancy

We offer top quality ICT products and services: Website and Web Portals programming, Development of Wordpress and other types of Internet applications, Hospital Management Systems, School Management Systems; Office ICT Support; Wired and Wireless (or Wi-Fi) Network Infrastructure; Hardware Maintenance; Data Collection and Analysis; ICT Consultancy.

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Renewable Energy Consultancy

We provide sound recommendations and also install and maintain power Inverters, Solar Panels and Batteries to ensure maximum power supply to your home and office.

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Security Systems Consultancy

We provide sound recommendations and also install and maintain CCTV cameras, IPTV Cameras, DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), Doorbell Cameras (such as the popular ™ Cameras, Blast-proof Cameras, Remotely Monitored Cameras (so you can monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world), and Door Access Control systems.

Excellence and Top Quality is everything to us.


What We Offer
ICT | Renewable Energy | Security Systems
  • We build and maintain Wired and Wireless Ad-hoc and Infrastructure networks for your home and office. We design, install and maintain software and hardware systems, we completely take care of your Home or Office ICT needs as a working ICT Department and we provide excellent ICT advice and recommendations to ensure your sound judgments.

  • We design, develop and maintain websites and web applications for individuals and businesses. We build top quality Android mobile applications suited for your purposes to meet your customers' mobility needs.

  • We build and maintain power backup solutions using power Inverters as the base technology ensuring that you always have power in the event of power failure.

  • We install and maintain security cameras, access control systems, doorbell cameras, DVRs, remote cameras, remote locking systems, remote access systems and remote monitoring systems.

Your perception of our service delivery is of utmost value to us. We recognize the need to get it right always for us to stay relevant.

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